ALOHA Summer Cocktail Luau

the perfect little life

Summer has come to an end, and we are oh so sad! ok, let’s get real. It’s still 90 degrees here in Nashville so it seems like summer to us still! But we wanted to throw one last summer-ish hoorah! So we hosted a fun luau themed cocktail party!

This was just a simple cocktail hour party, so we kept it somewhat simple. We knew we wanted somewhere for the drinks to be served from! So i transformed our kitchen island into a “tiki hut” if you will:) I had a super SMALL budget. Like, I needed almost free, LOL. So we worked with what we had. Now if you have a big budget, you can GO ALL OUT on this! But that’s part of my thing, working on a small budget! So you have to always utilize the things you already have.

DIY tiki hut

aloha party

I went to Party City and bought some fun table grass skirts, and used those for the tiki hut. I used 2 cardboard shipping boxes to create the “roof” to the hut. And then simply just taped the grass skirt all around it. We had to cut  a lot of it off so you could actually see our Bartenders face LOL~

To take this party to the next level, I used the ALOHA party pack from The Perfect Little Store! ( my shop-shameless plug!) We are launching our party packs on Black Friday! These are printable party packs that will include almost everything you can think of for your party! You will be able to customize this party with your own details, and print it all at home! As much or little as  you want! (Minus the giant posters which if you choose to print, you’ll need to visit our friends at Kinko’s for that!) I’m so excited for these to launch, they are so easy, and AFFORDABLE! Practically everything we used for this party I printed and cut myself! Everything from the banners, to the cupcake toppers, straw toppers, and those cute leafs and pineapples I placed in various spots! SO FUN! So stay tuned for that!

the perfect little life straw toppers the perfect little life the perfect little life the perfect little life the perfect little life

We made an easy Pineapple Sangria, and I had a Lime Salsa + chips, and let’s not forget the yummy pineapple cupcakes! Oh, I forgot to mention these awesome party packs will also include a shopping list on where to get everything and what to buy(that’s not in the pack already) and recipes to our suggested food items for your party to be PERFECT.

The Perfect Little Life

the perfect little life

Have fun with your parties, and always make them your own!!! Make them fun and unique, just like you! Your guests will love it!


3 bottles white wine

2-3 cups OJ

2 cups Pineapple Juice

2 freshly cut Oranges

1 can pineapple slices

GARNISH with a cherry, and an orange slice, and pour over ice


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