Baby Don’t Lie- Behind the Scenes

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Well it’s NO SECRET that i’m a huge Gwen Stefani fan. I have been since i was 14. From the moment i saw the “Spiderwebs” video, i knew i had to be blonde. (i was in an orange-yellow stage before i was blonde lol)…

We decided to cover her newest single, “Baby Don’t Lie, and it was a blast. I love everything she puts out, and hopefully we did this song justice.

We always have fun singing together, and making videos, but this one was fun. Especially since we did it in our living room. Good thing you can’t hear the puppies barking crazily in the background:) Take a minute to watch and hope you enjoy! Share with Friends. I’d love to hear some suggestions of Cover songs that You think we should do. Comment Below!!!!  xoxo

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