The BEST Authentic Italian-Farinelli 1937

We were so lucky to get to Miami last month to continue our Summer Food Tour! When my gal pal Caroline told me about her friend Maurizio who owned a few Italian Restaurants, we knew we had to go!

Farinelli 1937 is by far the BEST Authentic Italian food we’ve ever had! It was such an amazing experience to meet Maurizio and hear his ┬ástory about how he started his Restaurants. ( He also owns another Italian restaurant across the street from Farinelli- that show/post will air soon!)

Farinelli is an authentic Italian Pizzeria that compliments the old world flavors and traditions. They cool their amazing food in their 2 custom-made copper coated wood-burning ovens. They import all of their ingredients, and you can taste that in the food. Maurizio’s grandmother, Alma, opened her first restaurant in a village near Bologna, Italy. Maurizio opened this restaurant as an homage to his grandmother, which hits home for me as I loved my grandmother and was so incredibly close to her! If you ever get to Miami, take a break from the sand and head to coconut grove and Visit Maurizio and his amazing restaurants. His staff is truly wonderful and they will take the best care of you. You will leave with your heart and tummy full, I promise you! Watch my show to experience our whole journey through their menu!(the pics below showcase just a few of my favorite items! They were all SO GOOD)

<A Special thanks to Maurizio for having us and treating us like royalty! We will treat you the same when you come visit Nashville!!!>



Farinelli 1937

Farinelli 1937





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