A Boho Baby Shower

a chalkboard with pretty writing

I love a good reason to celebrate, especially when it’s because a baby came into this world! Well my dear friend and her husband just adopted a baby girl, so we had us a baby shower! I thought what better way to welcome a precious baby into this world, than to have a boho themed baby shower. 

2 wicker chairs

I love boho inspired everything, so why not incorporate that into a baby party! I started out with a base idea to go off. I used one of the Party packs from my shop The Perfect Little Store! We have a ton of downloadable and customizable parties! You just pick the one you like, and customize it , and print it! Pretty awesome, and pretty simple. I used the Boho Baby Pack! You can find that one here! It comes in 2 different versions and I went with the elephant one. ( It was hard to choose b/c they are both super precious.) I love it because you can print as many as you want! I especially loved the cupcake toppers. I used them for actual cupcakes and for the parfaits. ALSO, let’s not forget to mention the DELISH and ADORABLE candied pretzels! They are from my fam’s company- Theresa’s Twists! They have a food truck and specialize in candied and hot pretzels. Not only are they so tasty, but it’s for such an amazing cause! Please, check them out! Oh, and  They will make them in any color you want! ORDER SOME HERE!!!

a plate full of colorful pretzels a table full of candied pretzels

strawberry parfaits a table full of food at a baby shower

I knew I wanted some beautiful and whimsical furniture for my friend to sit in while she was opening all of her baby gifts. So my friend Erin , who owns Vintage Sparkle, really hooked me up! She has a whole wearhouse full of amazingly beautiful vintage furniture, rugs, tables… you name it, she’s got it. YOU HAVE TO CHECK HER OUT! If you are ever having an event of any sort and you need things…..she’s your woman! I got my rugs, and 2 peacock chairs from her. The macrame behind the chairs is actually part of some pretty curtains I just picked up for our new home over at Home Goods.

a rattan chair with a blanket on it wicker baby seat a tee pee on the floor with rugs 2 wicker chairs

For the food I used a ton of things from the boho baby party pack. I also used moss as part of the “tablecloth” to go underneath everything. I layered wood blocks on top of that to place plates and food on. It really kept the woodsy, whimsical theme going. The food was fun and easy. I’ll post my recipe soon for cucumber bites and my strawberry parfaits. . The chicken salad and croissants I picked up at Costco, which was a life saver! And no baby shower is complete unless you have MOM-osa’s and Candied Pretzels from Theresa’s Twists. (ps. they do pretzels in any color for any kind of event, so hit them up!) My Mom-osa’s were super fun and easy too! I had tasty syrups from Torani to make this bar a hit. ( i’m not sure how many “mom’s” had the “mom-osa’s”….I think all the non moms had them LOL) You can find yummy Torani syrups here! I used the Signature Strawberry, Sugar-Free Pineapple, Sugar-free Peach, and the Mojito Mint.(can’t wait to make some cocktails with that one!) They were all incredibly delicious and full of flavor. And if you run, don’t walk, you can use my code TPLL and get 15% OFF + Free shipping until April 30. Seriously, go! It’s practically FREE. 

torani syrups on a mimosa bar a letter board next to torani syrups

I loved my “games”. HA, i’m not much of a game person. SO, I did a non traditional guest book, a Late Night Diaper Doody station, and some fun Messages for baby cards. I also had a baby succulent for each person who came. That way they could take their baby home, and as they watched it grow, they can think of the new baby growing, that we call came to celebrate! Super fun ideas, I got a ton of them from pinterest! You can find more inspiration on my page here!

a cute framed print diapers on a table mini potted succulents paint on a table a table full of diapers chalkboard next to diapers a table full of mini potted succulents

Whatever kind of event I’m hosting, I most importantly try to let my personality, and love shine through it all. I want to make people feel welcome, and at home. And the little details are SO important whether you think so or not! They go really far. So whether you are hosting a baby shower, a bday party, or a cocktail hour, remember that! AND HAVE FUN.



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