BOHO Bash with NashGals

a group of girls smiling

One of my favorite things as a female, is when other powerful ladies join forces and all support each other. We talk a lot about that as a society, but do we really do it? Well I had the grand honor of joining forces with Amelia Weiss, of The Nashgals, to host and throw a Summer Bash!

a group of girls smiling

Amelia just moved here and felt the need to create a community for ladies of all genres to connect and network, and most importantly support each other. So when we decided to collaborate, I knew I was in for a treat! She is one amazing GAL! She also just started her own Consulting Agency called Love It Loud Co.

a big group of ladies smiling and laughing

We hosted the Summer Boho Bash at my shop, and boy did the ladies show up! We had around 100 ladies attend, and tons of other boss lady vendors join us! Some of these amazing vendors included Alexis + Bolt, Ivory Cotton Bar, Theresa’s Twists, Velour, Crime Management, Bravazzi, Wrangler, Shop Dress Up, LittonAvenue, Go Bonanza + Cosmic Charlie’s. OH, and let’s not forget the two Braiding Queens of the night, Brittany from BMS Styling, and FrankieNash! They killed it with the braid bar, I’m sure their little fingers were so tired by the end of the night.

a blonde girl braiding another girls hair a the nashgals event at the perfect little store in nashville

a lady smiling handing another lady a can of coke beautiful women spinning cotton candy a picture of candied pretzels

This was such an incredible night of meeting new friends, and some from IG! I loved how so many of us already felt like we knew each other from the World Wide Web LOL! Amelia even made a few boards where she encouraged others to write inspiration on them. I LOVE THAT! If you are a lady in Nashville looking to be a part of a great community, check out The NashGals! And hopefully I’ll see you at one of their upcoming events!!

a girl writing something inspirational on a board

a big group of ladies smiling and laughing a wall of donuts and flowers a large group of ladies at a networking event

a bunch of girls smiling while shopping at the perfect little store


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