The Perfect Party Drink- The Blueberry Mule

IMG_6428Hope you all had an amazing Independence Day! I picked a drink that was festive, and really tasty. You can drink it for any occasion, that’s why I wanted to share it for my Boozeday Thursday!!

I love this Blueberry Vodka from Pickers Vodka. The cool thing is that it’s made right here where I live in Nashville TN. It’s also Gluten Free and distilled from corn. I also love these ice trays from IKEA. I saw the idea on their IG, but took some yummy fresh berries and froze them. They added a nice touch to my drink as it melted!!!! This drink is super easy to make, and super refreshing! Here’s the recipe!!!

2 oz. blueberry vodka

4 oz. Ginger Beer

a few mint sprigs

Lime Lacroix(or any soda water)

1 oz fresh lime juice

Blueberry & Raspberry frozen icecubes

I like to muddle my mint 1st, and then add all the other ingredients in a shaker-except the soda water. Shake well with regular ice, then pour over fruit ice cubes in your fave glass or copper mug! Then top with the lime soda water! I like a lot of soda water, but you might like less!!! Enjoy your drink! I’d love to hear your comments below on how you liked it, or tweaked this cocktail!!!

xoxo, drink responsibly!!!!



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