My favorite Hipster Carpenter, Meet Jesse!

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I met Jesse a few years back when I worked with his Hair Guru fiancé -Brittany. We became really good friends at the salon we worked at and thought, hey we should have our men meet each other! They hit it off and we’ve all been such great friends ever since! Well, Jesse is very humble, but he is AMAZINGLY talented. He is one BAD A carpenter. Continue reading

Spring Fashion with JORD

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JORD wood watch

Not only will you be in style, but on time with this amazing wood watch! I know right now everyone is obsessed with Smart watches…but I’m currently obsessed with these amazing wood watches. I have been following this company a really long time and they are QUALITY. My gorgeous new “FRANKIE” wood watch makes me forget all about the smart watch fad. This is a classy, and timeless watch that will for sure turn every eye. I get so many compliments on just how my watch is a cool watch! It’s such a unique watch, and even cooler they have both a men’s watch and women’s watches. Greg has already stolen mine and worn it to work, where all of his friends were jealous. If you are looking to take your Wardrobe up a few notches, you have to wear a proper watch.(Plus these awesome watches have a 1 year warranty!!!)

But this post is ALL ABOUT THE PACKAGING! I was BLOWN AWAY when I opened my JORD watch. I have never seen such thought put into a product, let alone a package. It comes in a gorgeous wood, humidity controlled box. Also included were a Preserve Cleaning Oil and Humidity Packs. The Oil Pen is good for 4 uses! JORD Preserve is a custom-formulated cleaning oil created specifically for the care of wood watches. 100% natural with no artificial chemicals. Ideal for cleaning and conditioning your timepiece. What other watch company helps you preserve your watch with such care! It’s so fancy it even comes on its own little pillow:)

JORD wood watch

Well I am so excited to be teaming up with JORD and we are giving away a $100 Gift code to one lucky winner!!! Every person who enters also AUTOMATICALLY receives a $25 Gift code! I think this is awesome with Easter right around the corner, well and then mothers day!! This would make the perfect gift!!!! The Contest ends THIS SUNDAY APRIL 2nd! SO ENTER NOW TO WIN!!!