30 Up Ahead- Meet Grace

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Life can be amazing, can’t it? I love meeting new people, especially when they inspire me! So as soon as I met Grace, I knew she was someone every one needed to know about! She is bright, and peppy, and full of life, and I seem to be attracted to people like that! (i mean aren’t we all? ) Well, I’m so thrilled to be featuring her on the blog! She has a blog along with her sister in law called 30upahead.com   They are navigating their  way through their twenties, while scratching through their bucket list on their way to thirty. HOW FUN IS THAT? So, Meet Grace!  Continue reading

Torani Chestnut Praline Old Fashioned

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Torani’s got you covered for the Holidays! That’s why I’ve teamed up with my favorite company Torani for a fun Holiday Cocktail! It’s perfect for your upcoming parties, or if a friend stops by for a night cap! I love making Old Fashioned’s, especially when they have a fun unexpected twist! I like to call this fun drink “Chestnuts Roasting on an orange peel!” HOW CUTE IS THAT! It’s #Atoraniholiday !

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