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The Perfect Little Life

What’s your favorite style to wear? Let’s say it’s Saturday morning, you aren’t working, you wake up and it’s time to get dressed! What is your go-to outfit? I’m pretty sure we all have a go to look. Mine is honestly usually a dress and a fun pair of shoes, and of course some type of hat! But I’m trying to step outside of that norm, just a little:) Continue reading

Southern Apothecary-Meet Ashley

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Have you ever met a new friend and just “clicked”? Had a lot in common, laughed at each other’s jokes? Like, the friendship was just easy from the get go? Well a little over a year ago I was outside taking my pup out at our dog park and started chatting to this pretty blonde chick. The next day we had an event and while I was setting up for it, I threw my back out. Continue reading

A Short Blonde- Meet Catherine


Nashville is such a cool community to be a part of. I really do feel so lucky to live here. I believe this is a ┬áplace people come to create, build community, and to follow dreams. That’s why we moved here! So to be a part of this blogger community, makes me so grateful! I get to meet so many awesome women, and Catherine is one of them! I’ve been following along with her on social media for quite some time now! She had me at blonde! LOL! I love all she is doing and am daily inspired by her! I like to follow people that make me feel like I can be a better person! I’m so excited to be featuring her on the blog today! So meet my new friend, Catherine AKA –A Short Blonde!
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