We are the Perfect Couple.



So I always take for granted that if you follow me on social media, you know all about me. But this weekend i realized this was not the case! Well, for some of you who might not know, my hub and I have a pop duo called The Perfect Couple.…. because we are perfect.  Continue reading

For the Love of Shaylee Simeone.



When I met this chicky a few years back, I thought one thing right away. I like her hair. I mean she has great hair. It’s pretty and blonde. Pretty much perfect. Oh yah, I of course got to know her and realize she was not only sweet and super nice, but UBER talented. Her voice is like a choir of baby angels singing your favorite disney song while you are enjoying coffee and your favorite donuts. Ok, what i’m trying to say is , SHE’S AMAZING. Continue reading

What music is inspiring us this week?

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We write and work on new songs every week. And a lot of times a specific artist will really inspire us for a new song idea or help an old idea get new life. We are finishing up a new EP, so inspiration is key.  So who’s inspiring us this week??? Continue reading

Holley Maher- The woman behind the shop




Your about to be introduced to a really cool chick. The more I get to know her I think, “are we the same person?” LOL. She’s all kinds of cool, and SUPER creative.(She’s also a killer singer/songwriter)  She just launched an awesome greeting card line and has a lot of other really rad handmade goods. I had so much fun going to her cute studio and seeing her in action! She’s so talented! She just had a big launch party, and we went and I wanted to buy it all! I picked up a few cute cards, and the cutest print of my neighborhood(Germantown). So be sure to go to her site and get yourself some cards! She has so many to choose from!! OK, OK….I won’t make you wait any longer!! Meet Holley!

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you never go out of style!

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We had a blast covering this T-Swift song “Style”. Who doesn’t love Taylor swift? Her new album is awesome, i listen to it on repeat basically like every day! Continue reading

Baby Don’t Lie- Behind the Scenes

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Well it’s NO SECRET that i’m a huge Gwen Stefani fan. I have been since i was 14. From the moment i saw the “Spiderwebs” video, i knew i had to be blonde. (i was in an orange-yellow stage before i was blonde lol)… Continue reading

I want You Back/ The Story Behind the Song

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Yesterday we released our new single, “I want you back”. It’s the lesser of the poppy  ear candy you’ll hear from our EP. But it’s one of my all time faves. Here’s why…. Continue reading

The Perfect Little Trailer

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As many of you know, we are going on tour this summer! We are doing a house show tour starting in July, and it’s going to be awesome!(despite what i thought when we picked it up- my mind has since changed!)


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