My Way to do Vegas.

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a girl with blonde hair standing in front of 7 magic mountains in Vegas

We love going to Vegas! We went there on our Honeymoon, our 10 year anniversary, and many times in between! But so many people think of Vegas as just a party scene, or a place to gamble. But Vegas is so much more!

There is no shortage of fun to be had in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, you can party, and gamble, but there is so many other fun adventures to be had!

Let’s start with FOOD! We stayed at Park MGM, which I highly recommend. It’s newly remodeled, and most of all has a KILLER selection of food! Every single restaurant was a good choice. We barely left to eat. First up was brunch at Primrose. It’s the cutest little French inspired bistro. It was my hub’s bday, so he went for it and ordered the French onion burger. It looked and smelled amazing. I ordered the Garden omelette. It came with smashed fingerlings and grilled zucchini , and a toasty piece of Brioche. It was big enough for 2! We also all split one of the Buttermilk pancakes. It was a fluffy cakelike pancake , so rich in flavor. Lastly I ordered an almond milk latte. It was by far one of THE BEST I’ve ever had, and inexpensive! So I highly recommend this restaurant ! It’s the cutest.

Next up was the famous EATALY! It was everything I dreamed it to be. They have other locations , but this one just opened at PARK MGM. It was so huge, full of selection, and just such a vibe and buzz from the moment you entered. We had many many yummy things while we were here. One of my faves was the Charcuterie board, and the fried risotto bites. There are classes and tastings you can be a part of , and they have a market where you can buy all kinds of goodies. Be sure to pay a visit here if you go to Vegas.

One other place we LOVED, was Bavette’s Steakhouse. They are originally from Chicago, but have a Las Vegas location. We asked to eat in “the parlor” which is a secret + hidden part of the bar in the back, and oh so cool. So be sure to ask to sit there or have a drink there and you won’t regret it! It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. It is also very sharable. I ordered the baked potato because I wasn’t super hungry. IT WAS 2 baked potatoes. So, you can def share! My hub + bro shared the burger , they are burger snobs, and they said this is by far the best burger they’ve EVER HAD. I also had a rose martini and it was delish.

Another hidden gem, in our hotel, was JUNIPER. It’s a gin based bar, and the drinks are FAB. They were not only delish, but the presentation was amazing. I ordered many many drinks, you know for market research:) My fave was ” A little birdie” . It came in the cutest bird glass. It was Gin, Strawberry, dry vermouth, and fresh lemon. My hubby and bro loved the old fashioned. I also loved the “Carnival”, the drink topped with cotton candy. They also have a happy hour every night, so be sure to partake in that!!!

the bar Jupiter at park mom in Vegas
a hand holding a drink at a bar

For some cheaper, and laid back options, the Cosmo has a great little food court. They even have a Hattie B’s(which is from here in Nashville!) They have Eggslut, one of my faves, and China Poblano. (it’s Mexican and Chinese. YES PLEASE. ) But my fave are the 2 HIDDEN bars. Literally hidden and secret. If you go back behind the food court, and through the employees only door, you enter a secret bar called Ghost Donkey. THEY HAVE THE BEST NACHOS here. They also have a hidden pizza joint on the top floor, that sells yummy pieces of NY pie by the slice.

WOW, THIS POST IS MOSTLY FOOD. As you can tell I love food. But 2 other things I recommend are 1) site seeing . Rent a car and go out to the mountains. We have been to the red rocks canyon before, which is amazingly beautiful. This time we went to 7 Magic Mountains. It’s an incredible rock art install out in the middle of the Las Vegas scenery! This install is only there for a little longer, but if you don’t make it there, def. go to the canyons and hike and site see.

Lastly, I LOVE the Bellagio! They always have a different art install, usually themed for the season that is currently happening . We were there for the Chinese New Year, and it was magical! Also very busy, but so cool to see! Also, if you gamble at any casino, you get free drinks. SO don’t forget to take advantage of that!

We also saw a Cirque Du Soleil show, which is a MUST. They have so many to choose from, but we saw Mystere. SO AWESOME! We actually saw that same show on our honeymoon 15 years ago, and it is just as amazing as I remember.

These are just a few of my suggestions, but there’s endless options when you go to Vegas! Look at reviews before you go to things, and just set out to explore! It’s a great time, and pretty cheap!

Cow Tipping Creamery


We’ve been touring the country for our show, and summer is not even here yet!! We stopped at the FAB Cow Tipping Creamery while we were eating our way through the  Austin Restaurant Scene! They started as a food truck, and came to the spot in life where they needed to morph into a brick and mortar. HOW COOL!?

This is definitely the best Ice-cream in Austin that you will find! They make their ice cream from Scratch, and it is INSTAGRAM WORTHY! Just take a look and you will see what I’m talk ing about!

We had a blast trying their Delish Soft Serve Ice-cream! You will have to watch the show and find out why!

A big thanks to my amazing team for making this Show look so BAD A! Also thank you to Tim, Corey, and Cole at Cow Tipping Creamery for being so welcoming and having us to the shop!!! Be sure to go and visit them if you live in Austin, or if you plan on visiting! You will not regret it!!!

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