Olivia Shea Style


girl in white shirt holding lemonade

When I find another person who has a major passion for Taco Bell, I know we are destined to be friends. This girl is full of joy, and you can see that in any one of her pics. I met Miss Olivia at a fun event I held, and she was so sweet. I have enjoyed following her for cute outfit tips and tricks, and did I mention, we are both obsessed with Taco Bell. (we just might be working on some fun things there. More to come….) I’m so excited to be featuring Olivia on the blog today! She is the cutest, and has the best style, and we can all learn from her! Meet Olivia! Continue reading

Meet Kathleen, she’s the new girl in Nashville!



girl with red hair in hat

I have been following Kathleen on IG for quite some time now. I finally got to meet her IRL, when we both went rollerskating for our gal pal’s bday party! That’s quite the way to get to know each other, let me tell you! But I figured anyone who would skate beside me for 2 hours and still like me, was a legit friend! She’s the sweetest and I think she is so inspiring! She has the cutest little boy, and I am always jealous of her gorgeous ginger locks! Plus, she is a fellow hat lover, so we are destined to be friends.  I’m so happy to have to her on the blog today and want you all to meet her too! So, meet my friend Kathleen! Continue reading

The Honey Print, Meet Blythe


blonde girl in a pink sweater

I love meeting new people! My whole life I have been drawn to others who are uplifting, kind, and just are going for what they love to do, all while lifting up others at the same time. I started following Blythe for those very reasons. Then when I met her IRL, It just confirmed all of those thoughts I already had. She is one of the sweetest people I know, and I love reading her blog and following her on IG. I always leave inspired and pumped up with new information! That’s the point of a blog right!? I’m so thrilled to be finally featuring her on the blog, so meet The Honey Print herself, Blythe! Continue reading

30 Up Ahead- Meet Grace

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blonde woman in white shirt

Life can be amazing, can’t it? I love meeting new people, especially when they inspire me! So as soon as I met Grace, I knew she was someone every one needed to know about! She is bright, and peppy, and full of life, and I seem to be attracted to people like that! (i mean aren’t we all? ) Well, I’m so thrilled to be featuring her on the blog! She has a blog along with her sister in law called 30upahead.com   They are navigating their  way through their twenties, while scratching through their bucket list on their way to thirty. HOW FUN IS THAT? So, Meet Grace!  Continue reading

Southern Apothecary-Meet Ashley

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Have you ever met a new friend and just “clicked”? Had a lot in common, laughed at each other’s jokes? Like, the friendship was just easy from the get go? Well a little over a year ago I was outside taking my pup out at our dog park and started chatting to this pretty blonde chick. The next day we had an event and while I was setting up for it, I threw my back out. Continue reading

A Short Blonde- Meet Catherine


Nashville is such a cool community to be a part of. I really do feel so lucky to live here. I believe this is a  place people come to create, build community, and to follow dreams. That’s why we moved here! So to be a part of this blogger community, makes me so grateful! I get to meet so many awesome women, and Catherine is one of them! I’ve been following along with her on social media for quite some time now! She had me at blonde! LOL! I love all she is doing and am daily inspired by her! I like to follow people that make me feel like I can be a better person! I’m so excited to be featuring her on the blog today! So meet my new friend, Catherine AKA –A Short Blonde!
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