Caviar + Bananas // Eating in Style

Caviar + Bananas

Nashville has no shortage on new places to eat delicious food. It’s definitely hard to stay in shape in this town! Well we love trying new places, especially when they are beautiful in style, along side with have yummy food. Caviar + Bananas is ALL OF THESE THINGS!

Located in Midtown, one of Nashville’s booming neighborhoods, Caviar + Bananas is a new Market and Cafe connected to the Aertson┬áHotel. ( WE LOVE KIMPTON HOTELS!) This new restaurant is breathtaking from the second you walk in the door! Everything is just super classy and pretty every corner you turn! I especially love how they have a little market section complete with Wine and Cheese! MY FAVE. They must have known I was coming! I mean any floor complete with Tile lettering “YAY WINE!” Is perfect to me.

One of the owners mottos is “good food makes us happy”. I love that. It makes me happy too LOL! Speaking of GOOD FOOD, we went for brunch. We were not disappointed. We love getting a few things and sharing them so we have the chance to try a little bit of everything. We got the Avocado Toast( one of my personal faves) and the Chicken Biscuit and Gravy. I also had to get an iced latte. The avocado toast was perfectly zesty and some of the best I’ve ever had. The Chicken biscuit was cripsy and juicy all at the same time. OH, and that yummy biscuit was so tasty. It was PLENTY for the both of us, we actually couldn’t even finish it all! Which bummed me out because I wanted to get a glass of FROSE afterwards, but didn’t have any room left in the tummy! Oh well, gives me a great excuse to go back ASAP! I mean , frose!!!!!!!

If you are in Nashville, or coming to visit, this is definitely a place you need to make time for. It’s such a fun experience. This is also a perfect spot for brunch or lunch with girlfriends, or a fun night out for a date with that special someone!

One other thing I love when I visit fun places, is to be dressed for the occasion! I call it eating in style! I love my new skirt from Target! So comfy, and so many different options when it comes to wearing it! I’m already thinking of ways to wear it this fall and and winter! I also LOVE my new scarf from ABEDNEGO. It was stitched by Ranger Stitch at fun event I attended at Abendego! I got the words “you are perfect” on it. It just reminds me and hopefully everyone that sees it, that you are enough. You be you, and just live a full, joyful life! You don’t have to live this life to please everyone else! Choose joy, and remember you are perfect!


SKIRT: Target// Shoes: Target// Hat: Target// Tank: Target// Bandana : Abednego//Earrings: World Market



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