Cocktails with a Popsicle Twist!

Cocktail popsicles

Remember when you were a kid and you saw a Popsicle stand or the ice-cream truck? Weren’t  you SO excited!? Well why does that excitement and joy have to stop when we become adults? IT DOESN’T!!! That’s why I decided to set up an Adult Popsicle Stand on the rooftop of where I live!

popsicle infused popsicles

In some big cities Popsicle Cocktails are all the trend! So I thought why not bring a little bit of that to Nashville! Or really anywhere! This is such a fun idea for any type of Party or Event you might be throwing. It’s a fun option for adults, and of course there’s something in it for the kiddos as well!

How will I make a “popsicle Stand” out of nothing since I have such a small budget? Something I do for any event I’m hosting(unless it’s on a huge corporate scale), I look at things I might already own or could borrow to save money! I think it’s such a great and unique idea to utilize things you might already have. I love mixing old with the new. Get Creative! Think outside the box!

I have a portable kitchen island, So I based my whole popsicle stand around that! I also had a beach umbrella from Walmart That I attached to make it look more like a traditional popsicle stand. I then made a fun chalkboard with what options I would be offering, and I just always love having a chalkboard sign to go with any event. Large or small scale. The one I use a lot is getting pretty beat up, so It might be time for me to invest in a new one:) I’ll post a list below of my whole shopping list!(some things are cheaper on Amazon)

popsicle infused popsicles

For the cocktails- I kept it pretty simple. I originally wanted to go with fruit popsicles, but due to the budget I had I went with a cheaper option of Slush Paletas. We placed each popsicle in a tall cup and topped it with champagne. We let the popsicles melt for just a few minutes before handing them out so they were not super hard to eat. Plus it colored the champagne just enough to be fun and colorful!  I decorated the front with a fun balloon sign. I had some extra tassels to hang from the umbrella, but it was super windy, so I just left it pretty simple! Stay tuned for a fun fruit popsicle tutorial coming soon!!! For now, have fun with this idea! You can do it so many ways! Comment below and let me know your ideas or how you pulled this fun event off!!!

popsicle infused cocktail event

popsicle infused cocktail event



***We had this event for 1 hour only, and 75 people attended****

16 Bottles Champagne ($6.12 each)

9 packs Slush Paleta Popsicles(12 pack- $1.98 each)

1 pack 100 Champagne cups ($12.99)

1 pack Napkins ($1.98)

2 bags ice ($3.50each)

TOTAL-$145(roughly with tax)

THINGS I USED FROM HOME(items good for many events)

Kitchen Island(Target/ 149.00)

YAY Balloon Sign(Target/ $5.00)

Ice Tub(Target/ $19.99)


Placemats for On top of Cart(2.00 each/World Market)

Tassels(The Perfect Little Store/$10.00)

Beach Umbrella(Walmart /$15)

Chalkboard(Hobby Lobby/ $20)

popsicle infused cocktail event







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