The Confidante- Miami Beach, the perfect getaway

Who loves to travel? WE DO! And we had good reason to because it was our 14th wedding anniversary! YAY US! We love going to Miami Beach and wanted to try a new place this time. So, we booked a stay at The Confidante on Miami Beach. 

the confidante hotel in miami beach

My hub is a planner and a researcher! All of you researcher’s put your hands up!! So he looked at every hotel for days and hours. He really felt that The Confidante would fit us well, and looked like so much fun. Plus it’s right on the beach and a little less rowdy than South Beach, which is where we normally stay.

I loved the vibe from the moment we walked in the lobby. It was filled with Midcentury modern decor and pops of color everywhere. The 1950’s flair throughout the entire hotel had me smiling the entire time. We started off with brunch with American-inspired cuisine at Bird & Bone, which was super tasty. (we actually enjoyed this menu a lot while we were at the pool and beach every day. ) My avocado toast was amazing. They also served Panther Coffee, which I drank every single day! OH, and they have bikes you can ride around for free too! So grab a coffee and a bike, and go explore!

the bikes at the confidante hotel in miami beach the restaurant at the confidante hotel the bird and bone entrance in their restaurant

a girl cutting a piece of avocado toast

We were obsessed with our room! We didn’t have a view, but you could get a room with a view if you wanted to. I loved the decor in the room as well. They made it extra special for us as well, because they sent us a special treat of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary! It was such a surprise, and delish too!

the hotel room at the confidante hotel the hotel room at the confidante hotel the bar cart in a room at the confidante hotel a bottle of champagne chocolate covered strawberries on a plate

Every day we relaxed to the max at the pool . They have endless nooks and crannies to relax and have fun, and again- I loved the decor! The pool was so nice, and they had the best service there. Every day we ordered drinks and lunch and never had to leave! Their crew also knew us by name and were so kind and sweet to us. That means a lot! I loved seeing the baby lizards and one day we saw the most beautiful iguana!

the confidante hotel the courtyard at the pool at the confidante hotel a woman in her bathing suit at the pool a girl on a raft in the pool a hand holding up a cocktail at the pool a man and woman in the pool a couple at the pool eating

Lastly, the beach! It’s right behind the pool, so you just pop right over when you want to go! You get a chair for free, and they are the prettiest chairs you ever did see! They also have beach service if you get hungry or thirsty, so super convenient.

a man at the beach on a chair umbrellas and people at the pool and the beach at the confidante hotel in miami beach a man and woman hugging on the board walk in miami beach the beach in miami the beach at the confidante hotel in miami

At night we’d relax by the fire out at the pool, and play ping pong or jenga! It was just the most amazing time of getting away and relaxing with each other. We are always so busy and on the go, so it was nice to just be with each other! I highly recommend this hotel, and the price was amazing. They take such good care of you,  I promise it’s worth it!

a man and a woman at the pool at the confidante hotel

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