DIY Holiday Cookie Box

a box of christmas cookies

The Holidays are my MOST favorite time of the year! And every year I’ve always wanted bake cookies for friends, but never have! So this year my friend Lindey and I spent 2 days of baking some of our favorite cookies to make holiday cookie boxes for our friends and loved ones! 

We started the process by picking 3-4 cookie recipes that we wanted to be the staple of our cookie box. I knew I wanted to make and decorate sugar cookies, so we used this Martha Stewart Basic Sugar cookie recipe.  I will say I wish I would have taken the sugar cookies out of the oven about a minute sooner. They are DELISH, but a little bit more like a shortbread cookie! Once we tweaked it, the rest came out much softer! So keep that in mind. But that’s if you don’t eat all the dough first:) We also used all different styles of christmas cookie cutters to make it cute and fun.  We spent a few days baking at Lindey’s beautiful home, and she had it set up so cute with all of our baking utensils. 

The Royal Icing is also a little finicky if you’ve never worked with it before. You have to keep it sealed once you mix it up, or it will harden fast. It’s so yummy and pretty on the cookies. Here’s my easy recipe:


4 cups confectioner’s sugar

3 Tbsp meringue powder

1/2 tsp vanilla 

1/2 cup warm water

Sift together dry ingredients. Then add vanilla + water and mix with hand mixer for 5-6 minutes. Add more or less water if it’s not to the consistency you need. Add food coloring and put it piping bag! Once you are ready to ice, you will pipe your OUTLINE ONLY with the royal icing. Be careful b/c it can tend to be runny. Once you have your cookie outlined, fill in 3/4 with icing inside the line. Then use a tooth pick to completely cover the rest and it will fill in. Let cookie sit for 20 min to harden before adding any other colors on top, or it will bleed and you will cry! hahahah. 

a bunch of sugar cookies un iced

Another fave recipe of mine is traditional crinkle cookies. The recipe we used  you can find here.

We did adjust this recipe by adding more flour because the dough was not thick enough. But it turned out amazing once we did that! They taste like a brownie in a cookie form. SO GOOD. 

The amazing thing about putting together these boxes, is that you can use really any kind of container to do so. We wanted to do it on a budget, so we used gift boxes we got from target. But you could use a wood box if you wanted it to be something they could keep after the treats were gone! I also used cute little plastic holiday tins I picked up at walmart.  I covered the bottom of the box in a christmas parchment paper I found at World Market. I then took card stock and cut pieces to make the sections for my different kinds of cookies. I just cut  and doubled the card stock to make it sturdy! I then filled the sections with crinkle paper to add dimension and give something for the cookies to rest on. These are such a fun and easy gift idea! You could do these for any holiday or occasion!

My friend Lindey added a different twist to her box. I loved that we made all the cookies together, but had a slightly different outcome! She put some of her treats in cute little treat bags which I loved!

box of holiday cookies

I added some tasty pretzels from Theresa’s Twists, and picked up a few other kinds of cookies at Trader Joes! You really could put anything in this box. Make it your own and fill it with things you know your recipients enjoy! I also added pretty twine and candy canes to the box once I closed it all up, and of course a cute tag. These are fun and easy to do, and I promise will bring your friends and family joy when they receive them! I’d love to see your boxes when you’re done, so please comment below and share! Have fu

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