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This is the most wonderful time of the year for sure! And you know me, I love any DIY, especially when it comes to a pretty Christmas ornament!

I am giving away a set of 4 of my wood-hand painted wood ornaments, and a $25 gift card to my shop to one lucky person today over on my Instagram! Check MY INSTAGRAM on How to enter!!!!



As far as these wood slices go. I got these at a local Christmas Tree farm. They most likely will sell them to you if you just ask. Heck, you might even get them for free!!! But prepare yourself, it’s going to be a sappy experience:) So if you have the luxury of having a garage or work room, you can let them dry out naturally for 4 ish weeks. But I am not only impatient, but I don’t have a garage, or just time in general for the natural approach.


Honestly I had to google this process because i’ve always just bought the wood slices from the craft shop! I’ve never dried out my own before, but  I found Chip and Joanna’s blog where I stole the idea!

But basically you set your oven to 200 degrees. They say to place the wood on the rack, but I used cookie sheets. It turned out fine like that. You bake low and slow for about 1 hour. But after actually doing this, I think it could go a bit longer depending how much moisture they have. A few of mine were still a bit wet, so I went for longer. I then just placed the dry side down and let them all dry out on cooling racks.


Then after you know they are completely dry, you want to sand them and make them nice and smooth. You can add a polyurethane top coat and your chalkboard paint. Or make it into a cheese tray. You want to make sure you seal correctly with food safe sealer.  The possibilities are endless! I have these ornaments on sale in my shop! FIND THEM HERE! They make great gift toppers as well!

Have fun and comment below! I’d love to hear how your DIY turned out!! xoxo!


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