fashion-have a ball with it!




Do you love your style? Well you should! Theres lots of reasons some of us don’t like or feel comfortable in our own fashion world.

We might not have enough money for the clothes we want…..we aren’t the size we want to be…..we don’t know how to pair clothes together…..we don’t feel pretty……

These are all reasons i’m sure at one time or another we’ve all felt. Well i’m here to tell you fashion can be fun. It starts from the inside! I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but i’m a firm believer in this. we are all different! we were all made unique, and we each have a different purpose in this life. And some of us are still figuring that whole thing out. But life can be short, so we shouldn’t worry about what others think, or will say. If you feel good with what you are wearing, own it.


We can dress for our body types, and on a budget too! I love finding thrifted clothes, or clothes at a lower end department store. I also love getting some girls together and having a clothing swap. Have some snacks and drinks and trade clothes with each other!!! I also just started all my clothes on POSHMARK which is a really awesome site to buy and sell your clothes for a great price. Check out my closet here.

1/2 of this out fit i’m wearing are thrifted items. My jacket and lace shirt from H&M were both given to me! Someones trash can be your treasure:) Have fun with your life and what you wear, be confident in yourself and think outside the box when getting dressed!! xoxo


Jacket:Thrifted//Lace Shirt: H&M//tights:Target//Boots: ALDO

DSC00169 DSC00175 DSC00176 DSC00177DSC00173


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