Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Looking for a fun way to spruce up your kitchen, or let’s be honest, any room in your home? Add a chalkboard wall! We’ve done a few murals, but this latest floral chalkboard mural is by far my fave to date! One of my Friends and Interior Designer Extroidinaire, Kendall Simmons, Brought us in for one of the homes she had designed the interior for. 


Photo By Alyssa Rosenheck

This family already had an existing chalk wall that they use for entertaining. HOW COOL! When they have parties, or when their kids have friends over, everyone uses this wall to sign and leave fun messages on. I love that so much! But they knew they wanted something special and unique, so we came in and had A BLAST creating this gorgeous floral wall. And honestly, their home looks so beautiful, anything looks good right!!! Kendall was featured in Style Me Pretty Living, and this wall was featured in her story! Check out her post here on 6 easy ways to update your kitchen!! And the photos are of course gorgeous because the fabulous Alyssa Rosenheck shot them. She’s amazing.

Here’s our fun journey from beginning to end to create this chalk wall. I of course had fun because I got to work with my amazing hubby. I couldn’t have done it without him!! You can do it too! We are currently working on a cactus themed wall in our music studio….. shouldn’t be too sticky of a situation! HAHAHA. good one dad! Post and pics on this pretty coming soon! Thanks for reading! Check Kendall and Alyssa out!




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We used our fingers just as much as the chalk to shade the flowers.

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We drew our outline first and then shaded each flower and leaf.




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I like the pup in the background!


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