My friend the Nashville Fixer Upper

I met this gem of a woman about 4+ years ago. She managed our fave date night spot and we quickly became great friends. This chick is not only super talented at all she does, but she’s one of the most loving and genuine people I’ve ever met. AND, she’s a RISK TAKER. I think that’s a major reason I’m drawn to her. I love a person who follows their passions and just says, “I’m gonna give this a go and see what happens!” That’s exactly what my gal Erica has done! Watch out Chip and Joanna, Erica is the next fixer upper queen. YAAAAS she is!

She was born with an eye for design. When you step in to this mini Nashville Farm house you notice this in a heart beat. Especially when you see the before and after’s. I love all the simple touches she gives her work. Simple, but HUGE IMPACT. She hand picks items for each house she does, and she goes for items that come with a story. Which i just LOVE. I think that just puts every project she touches and designs over the top. Plus, it makes it unique and special for the person that calls it home.

Erica said when she was little, instead of opting out to go shopping or bike riding, she’d beg her mom to take her to open houses. She was born with the styling itch! She would also rearrange her bedroom, and it drove her sister nuts! I’m sure now she begs Erica to come over and style her home! I would!

I also love how everything, inside and out, of her house is white! I asked her what her “signature” is. She said WHITE. She paints everything white. It allows the mind to think bigger and have a better vision of what the space truly could be and become. My favorite spots of this cute house were the kitchen, the bathroom and of course‚Ķ the back deck! OMG. SO DREAMY. You have to watch to understand for yourself! So if you need your house styled, or changed from old to new, call my BFF Erica. She will transform your home and make a huge impact. Or just wait until her next fixer upper goes up for sale, and JUMP ON THAT SUCKER before it’s gone!


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After photos by: Christen Clemins




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