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Halloween is next week! Can you believe that? I have never been much of a Halloweenie….is that what you call it? LOL! But now that we throw parties for a living, I thought it was probably time to please the people!

We thought what better way to usher in the Fall and the Spooky season than by having an Outdoor Movie Night! We set up a fun Spooky Popcorn Bar on the Lawn, along with a giant movie screen, and had 80 of our neighbors join us!

We showed the cult classic, Hocus Pocus. I have to admit something to you guys…I had never actually seen the whole movie before!!!! WHAT?? I know, I’m way behind the times here! But better late than never right?

I was inspired for this fun spooky back drop by Legally Crafty Blog! She did a fun Boo-Bar from supplies from the Dollar store! So I took her idea and ran with it! She has a fun of amazing a fun ideas, so be sure to go follow her!

This back drop was super easy, and you could do for so many seasons and events. I went to Target and picked up a tri-fold display board! I then grabbed some large and medium sized Whit paper plates. You could use any kind of white paper plates for this. I took each plate and drew fun and spooky inspired faces on them. I used an Elmer’s Paint Pen for this! Just be sure to give each plate a good minute to dry! I then took a hot glue gun and glued each plate onto the display board! IT WAS LITERALLY THAT EASY!

I then grabbed fun dollar items from the Target Dollar section to add extra spookiness to my popcorn bar! The rest of the items, I just grabbed from my home! You most likely have goodies lying around your house that you can use for all kinds of events! That way you don’t have to go spend a fortune!

I hope you were inspired by this fun idea! Give it a try for your Halloween get together! I’d love to hear your thoughts below on this fun set up! XOXO


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