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Have you ever met someone you thought was just breathtakingly gorgeous, and then really met them and they were just as lovely as you ever could have imagined? Well that is what I think of when I think of Helen. I met her a while back at a blogger event and it was like we had been friends forever. I was already following her on Instagram, and of course loved her makeup, style and fashion. But then I realized she was just a lovely wonderful person. That is not a quality everyone has! She’s a makeup artist, and just as cute as can be. Oh, and anyone who loves animals, makeup and snickerdoodles as much as me, I know we are destined to be BFF’S.  I am so happy to be featuring her on the blog today and I’m excited for you all to get to know her a little bit more!!!

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Tell us about yourself!!

I’m Helen Bush and I’m a Makeup Artist based in Music City- Nashville, Tennessee.

Being in the beauty biz, I’ve realized that my passion isn’t only to help clients feel beautiful while in my chair- but to teach them how to feel confident in their own skin everyday. Here & Helen is a place for me to share my pro tips and tricks of the trade, product recommendations and my daily fashion musings. Thanks for stopping by!  In proper southern fashion, y’all are welcome anytime!

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What’s your favorite song right now?

Honestly, I get bored with Top-40 pretty quickly and I always end up back with “the classics” or really terrible 90’s. This is probably thanks to a combination of serious nostalgia, and my deep desire to live out my own “10 Things I Hate About You” and get married to Heath Ledger- RIP.

What’s your favorite style to wear?
I love neutrals. This has become especially obvious since I began my blog and all of my socials became a sea of black, white, and denim!

PHOTO BY: Eloise Photography

What’s your guilty pleasure snack-go-to?
Cookies. Almost any kind. Chocolate chip, oatmeal, snickerdoodle, GIMME.

What’s your MUST-HAVE beauty item that you can’t live with out?
My Anastasia Brow Wiz! I’m not a fan of the “sharpie brow” but I do think a well groomed brow can really complement a face. I use the spoolie end to brush my brows into place, then I lightly fill in any sparse areas with the other end.

Who’s the most influential person in your life and why?
I’m about to say the most stereotypical thing I could say here: my mom. I know it’s cheesy, but if I gave any other answer it wouldn’t be the truth. It’s funny my career is so the opposite of my minimalist beauty routine mom, however, I can trace many of my other interests back to her. My mom’s emphasis on a positive mindset, the importance of meditation and prayer, and her love for things like healthy eating and decluttering spaces has all transferred to me. These are some of the things that light me up and I could talk about for hours, and it’s all thanks to my mom.

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?
Create an animal sanctuary for special needs/neglected animals and be able to fund it singlehandedly… a girl can dream, right?

What’s your favorite thing in your closet?
As many of my Instagram followers know, I can’t seem to get enough of my overalls. They’re an an instant outfit that are crazy versatile. Add an off the shoulder lace top for brunch, then a completely sheer black bodysuit with a bralette for drinks with your gal pals. Two totally different looks in a snap.

PHOTO BY:Eloise Photography

What’s your fave inspirational quote?
“All we have is now.” I find this running through my head multiple times a week. It helps me to put down my phone, be present, and say YES to any opportunity I can.



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