Holiday Movie Night


Tis the season for hot cocoa bars and Holiday Movies! We just hosted a super fun Outdoor Movie night- with a full hot cocoa bar, oh, and a PIGS-IN-A-BLANKET BAR! Over the roasty toasty fire I might add! Oh, and it was 32 degrees outside! Not even Chevy Chase can make you laugh enough to make you forget you can’t feel your toes! But TIS THE SEASON!

We had a few fires going and it really added that wintery feeling and smell to the whole event! We didn’t want to do the typical S’mores bar, so in addition to the S’mores we had Pigs-in-a-blanket to roast over the fire! IT was so FUN and Easy! We wrapped all the dogs in the crescent rolls like normal, but then cut them all in half for a more manageable experience. We made sure to let the guests know how to do it! We instructed them to unwrap the pigs in a blanket, and then stick on the skewer! Roast until cooked! So easy, and they were tasty. I think Greg had like 10! We showed Christmas Vacation, and I can never see that movie too many times! Some of the people had never seen it! So i got a kick out of that!

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We had the fun Hot Cocoa bar, and even had a Spiked Version for those who wanted a little more warmth! We actually used Good old Trusty Nesquick,( for ease and convenience ) and added some bourbon for the spiked version! We had all the toppings for the hot cocoa! We had  Andes Candy bites, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and candy canes, and more! Tasty syrups and of course Whipped Cream. My fave combo was to top with whip cream, and drizzle with caramel syrup. Let that melt, and OH MY WAS THAT YUMMY.

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I love making a custom chalkboard for each event. Its fun and adds a bit of personality to each event. I get a ton of inspiration from Pinterest! Check out my boards here! I also love using the erasable Chalk Markers! They are so easy to use, and erase perfectly. I grabbed all of mine at Micheals!!! They are water based, and so easy to use! I used a ton of my own decor from home. Not only does this make it more personable, it cuts down on your expenses! Any time you have an event, use goods from your home! You might be surprised at what your normal everyday things can add to your special event!!! Remember to have fun!!! Think outside the box! Be creative, and enjoy yourself!

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