I want You Back/ The Story Behind the Song


Yesterday we released our new single, “I want you back”. It’s the lesser of the poppy  ear candy you’ll hear from our EP. But it’s one of my all time faves. Here’s why….

This song tells a story. Which we of course try to do with every song. But it talks about love, loss, heartbreak, confusion, you know , all the goodness that comes along with being in a relationship! We’ve been married 10 years, and WE ARE STILL IN LOVE. But, it hasn’t always been roses. There definitely were times the roses smelled more like poopoo roses. But fertilizer does what, makes things grow. And with out those poopy times, we wouldn’t smell so good now.

The Chorus says:

“I know what it’s like to have a broken heart, but i have never fallen so hard….

I want you back. ”

The song talks about being in love, and how at one time that was enough, but then as time goes on things get hard…. and throughout those hard times, you gotta press on and NOT GIVE UP. That’s the best advice i can ever give. DON’T ever give up. Love can conquer all, for real. as cheesy as that may sound it’s true. So check out our video, and share with friends! We always appreciate the love and support from you all! Right now we are just getting the word out about our music , so any help you can give us, would be awesome!!!! PS. this is the ACCOUSTIC version, so go download the full version on ITUNES HERE !!!! And check out more of us at Theperfectcouplemusic.com


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