I’m Famous! Well, my sis is!

My amazing sister Theresa has overcome so much in her life! She was diagnosed with Asperger’s at a young age and was told she wouldn’t amount to much. BOY WERE THOSE DUMMIES ALL WRONG!

She has started an empire , along with my amazing parents, called Theresa’s Twists-pretzels with a purpose.  They are a pretzel food truck that will be employing other young adults with Asperger’s to teach them life and job skills. It’s pretty darn amazing right!?

Well Nashville’s Channel 4, along with Wholesale Inc. got word of Theresa and her amazing story. So they decided to surprise Theresa with a HUGE GIFT! You’ll just have to watch to see what happened!!!!!

To learn more about Theresa’s Twists and all the great things they are doing, and where they will be next in their truck, visit them here!

You can also check out her news feature here!!!!


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