Jean Jackets…a girls best friend.



Do you have a favorite  Jean or denim piece of clothing that you love so much? Well I think every girl should have one jean item that they love. They are timeless! Jewel,(one of my all time fave artists), said: “On my own I generally have very messy hair, wear jeans and sneakers.” There’s just something about denim.

IMG_0064 IMG_0066 IMG_0068

I bought this Guess Jean jacket at TJMaxx when I was 18-that was at least a few years ago:) It’s been my must-have, Go-To article of clothing that I can wear again and again, and it never goes out of style.

It’s the perfect thing to wear on a day out for shopping, or running errands. I love being stylish, and comfy at the same time:) I also picked up a cute black and gold makeup bag, and i use it as a clutch. Super simple, super cute, super cheap:)!

IMG_0050 IMG_0056 IMG_0058



IMG_0053 IMG_0055I wore it so much, and so many times, that I wore the elbows out. I couldn’t part ways with this magical jacket, so I just made it into what else, an awesome jean vest.  When you get a good denim item, hold on to that bad boy!!!

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