Keeping it weird in Austin

We’ve been traveling all over the place for my new show on YOUTUBE! Our first stop was non other than AUSTIN!!!!

We are lucky because Greg is from Texas and his parents have been living in Austin for a long time now! So that was nice getting to see them as well!! We had a whole jam packed long weekend full of restaurant visits. Which meant not only did we get to eat all the delicious food, but we spent a lot of time full:) We got lucky and had a free morning with our family, so we decided to go to a few places we’ve never been!!

I love art, so when we stumbled upon Art on 5th Gallery I was super excited! They had the coolest selection of Art. It was beautifully curated, which I appreciated for my A.D.D. brain. Sometimes when it’s crazy messy in a store, I can not concentrate!

It was so fun just taking in the art, and seeing all the unique creations from all different types of people from all walks of life. That’s what’s cool about us humans.(besides that some really suck). But for the most part, we are all pretty cool. We all are unique and come up with some pretty cool stuff. Just don’t let fear stop you from creating something beautiful!!

P.s. You like my dress? I just got a bunch of super cute dresses for the summer from Old Navy!!!!


Dress: OLD NAVY//Booties: Vintage// Scarf: The Perfect Little Store


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