The kind of Muddy Boots we all want to have!

the perfect little life blogger drinking muddy boots wine

If you follow me on a regular basis, you probably know by now I LOVE WINE! If we go out for drinks, I’m so boring. I’m the one that is always asking for the wine list:) So when I discovered Muddy Boot, I was more than excited!

I picked the Rose to pair with my night of watching the Bachelor. (Who else can’t stop watching that show even though it’s basically garbage?? Also, who else has a hard time watching Arie. He’s so weird, but I still watch.)

Muddy Boot Wine is quality wine made by growers with muddy boots. They are 4th & 8th generation growers in the beautiful Clarksburg AVA. With a passion for sustainability and making an approachable wine their grandparents would buy, they’re dedicated to getting their boots muddy so you don’t have to.

the perfect little life blogger drinking muddy boots wine

I can stand behind a company that’s family run and full of hard workers! I love that! It makes me want to support them even more. Being a small business owner, I know how hard you have to hussle to make your dreams come true! If you are in Nashville, a few wine shops now carry Muddy Boot! I snagged mine at Cork + Barrel, but you can find a list of retailers HERE! If you are looking for a new wine, give them a try! It’s super tasty and I will for sure be having it at a ton of my upcoming parties and events! Be sure to check them out here and follow them on Instagram here!

the perfect little life blogger drinking muddy boots wine

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You must be 21 years or older to drink this.


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