Lighthouse fashion

Do you ever feel like you live in a world that is just sad and dark? I feel like so many people are still searching for meaning and just not happy with life in general. I feel many times there is just lots of darkness. I’m deciding that this year is the year of Light for me. I am choosing to be as bright as I can be. 

I love being happy, although I will admit a person who is always “high” hits some tremendous lows. So if I ever have times where I’m down… sometimes it’s a bit more of a challenge to get back up. I love hard, and feel hard, and care hard. I often find myself asking myself… “abbey, does anyone care about this?” “is this going to make a difference?” “does anyone notice this ?” But that’s normal. The world can be a dark place, which makes it easy to have these questions and feelings. That is normal. But it’s a constant reminder that’s why we have to be the light.

We have to be encouraging. We have to build each other up. I’m not getting on a soapbox here. No matter what you believe in life, these are good morals to live by. Be the one who says something nice to people passing by. Be the one who smiles at strangers. Be the one who stands up for someone being mistreated. I promise not only will you feel better in life, but it will make a difference.

So, sorry to get deep! Of course you should be the light with your fashion too! Be you, be bright and cheery with your fashion! I kind-of felt like a priest in my outfit, haha, but I still liked it. I got a gift card for Christmas! So on vacay in FL, we went shopping and I got this new blouse dress and sweater! I love the blouse dress because it’s super versatile! When you find something like that , grab it! You will get your $ worth for sure!

We had a blast at this light house! Greg always loves taking photos, so be sure to check out our IG stories for more lighthouse goodness! P.S. Scroll below to shop my look! Also, my amazing boots from Justin Boots are ON SALE NOW! 


Hat: Target//Leggings: Target// Boots: Justin Boots//Blouse Dress: F21// Sweater: F21// Bolo Necklace : SHREDS




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