Live a generous life.


I grew up in an amazing home with an amazing family. My mom + dad taught us values, all the values:) But something that I have carried with me every day of my life, is how to live generously.

I watched my family constantly serve and give others. So I really never thought twice when someone was in need. I still remember when I was in the first grade, I went to school one day with some fun new shoes on. I was super proud of these shoes. I guess you could say I was obsessed, even though at the time I did not  know the meaning of that word. Well I’ll never forget this girl named Crystal. I always wonder where she ended up. Well her shoes were falling apart and I just remember feeling for her. So, I decided she needed my shoes more than I did. So I came home with no shoes. If you know my mom…she’s a tad bit of a germaphobe. So as you can imagine me walking around with no shoes on had her short of breath.  Well once I explained why I was barefoot, they understood and I guess they were proud of me. Granted we were super poor, so I think on the other hand my mom was not too happy b/c the shoes we could barely afford were now gone. But when it boiled down to it, I’m sure they had a high five moment with each other and a “we taught our kid right”.


So I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I’m setting us up for something. Now that we are all grown ups and living in the real world…. Do we live a generous life?  I have to often ask myself this question. I usually feel like when it comes to this task, I win. But I do have moments where I’m human. Moments where i look back a few hours later and say, man… I was not very giving in that situation. It’s something we have to practice you know. Just being selfless and giving. We live in such a fast paced world, that sometimes we don’ t allow ourselves to be generous. Sometimes we are even too busy to even recognize the opportunity.

I also feel like being generous is what gets us ahead in life. What’s the point if we can’t help others out. I’m not only talking about money. I’m talking about helping people in all situations. I definitely would not say I’ve “made it” yet. In the big life picture, sure I’ve made it. I’m healthy, I have money for my bills, and amainzg hubby, and a job I like! But as far as dreams we’ve been chasing, We are still chasing them. But to say all of that, I mean If I can help someone get to their next stepping stone in life by introducing them to someone I know , then I want to help. That goes for any situation. It doesn’t do us any good to hold back . That’s what this life is all about . Helping others. Being generous . When I’m generous, It always comes back around to me. Some people call it karma. I call it being blessed. I love Blessing anyone I can. It’s a good feeling.

So as you live your life today, try thinking about this in every moment you have. “Am I being generous” , or “How can I help someone get to where they are going?

I promise you you will NOT regret it. It will come back around to you 10 times over! You’re gonna be like WHOA. That was cool.


Photos by: Jess Potts

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