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I am having a MAJOR FAN GIRL MOMENT RIGHT NOW. (Don’t mistake that for stalker moment:) I have been following this amazing woman for a few years now and would definitely say I look up to her so much. She is full of wisdom, knowledge, and has the most creative ideas. Oh, and my most favorite thing about her is that she is REAL. I always appreciate her honesty and transparency! I love following her blog, and of course Instagram. IG stories is where I really love tagging along with her! She is halarious, and anytime I’m watching, Greg is like “Is that Landyn?” HAHA. Everything about her is so refreshing, especially in this day of “Instagram Life” where everything seems to be so picture perfect. She is the true definition of inspiring and that is exactly why I am featuring her today! I was MORE THAN THRILLED when she agreed to be featured and her interview is a MUST READ! So before I blab on too much, Meet one of my most favorite people, Landyn!

Tell us about yourself!

Hi!  I’m Landyn and I am the voice behind the blog Living with Landyn  My blog is a lifestyle website, but not a perfectly styled life.  While the pictures may be pretty, I am all about presenting the real side of my life to my readers.  For as long as I can remember, my girlfriends and strangers would ask me things like where I got my shirt? Who cuts my hair? What is a quick dinner idea for tomorrow night? What color should I paint my bedroom? Where did you get that necklace? Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on my computer emailing and answering questions. However, over the years friends kept suggesting that I should become a resource for women and create a space where we could all go and have answers to these questions – and that is when Living With Landyn was born. I love sharing everything from my favorite fashion finds to healthy recipes, interior design, travel inspiration, relationship advice- anything that can help me and you live a more beautiful life.   I am married to my 8th grade sweetheart and have two fabulous kiddos-a 12 year old girl and a 10 year old boy.  My husband played for many years in the NFL, so I have lived all over, but we have found our forever home in Nashville.


What’s your Favorite Song right now?   My favorite song right now is hand’s down Adele’s Water Under the Bridge.  If  you ever happen to see me driving around Nashville rocking it out in my car, I guarantee this is the song I am listening to.  I had the chance to see her in concert in Miami with my best friend and it was truly amazing.  She is such an incredible performer and that voice.  Oh my gosh!

What’s your favorite style to wear?  For the most part I like a really monochromatic look in my wardrobe.  I love neutrals and the majority of my closet is black, white, grey and nude.  My go-to outfit is a pair of black distressed denim, a white tank top, nude gladiator sandals or wedges, and a long necklace.

What’s your Guilty pleasure Go-To snack?  Chocolate pop tarts cold…never toasted!

Must have beauty essential that you can not live without?   My must have beauty product is Revisions Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer in SPF 45.  I have used this stuff for 7 years and I absolutely swear by it.  I grew up in Florida and was not always kind to my skin in my younger years.  Now that I am approaching 40, I take my skin care so much for seriously and do not go ANYWHERE without sunscreen on.  If there was one piece of beauty advice I could give my younger self it would be to stop laying out and put on sunscreen!

Who is the Most Influential Person in your life?   Definitely my mom.  My mom was young when she had me and had to do a lot of it on her own and I have always admired her so much. She has such a zest for life and it is truly contagious.  She has taught me everything I know about being a good mother, friend, daughter, and hostess.  She is the consummate entertainer and our house was always filled with laughter and guests growing up.  Her attention to detail is amazing and she always knows how to make everyone she meets feel special.  Definitely a skill I learned from her and one that I have really strived to carry on in my life.  I truly look up to her and still even as an adult am driven to continue to make her proud of me.

What is one thing you want to Accomplish that you haven’t yet? I really want to write a book about all things Living with Landyn.  I know this sounds totally cooky, and i am not typically like this, but I went to a psychic once several years ago and she did a reading on me.  She told me several things that would happen in my life and interestingly enough almost all of them have come true.  The one thing she mentioned was that I would write a book one day and I am totally banking on that to be true!  Dream big, right?!!

Favorite Thing in your closet?  My Chanel Espadrilles my husband got me for Christmas.  I would have never been able to pull the trigger on them, but he was so sweet and surprised me with them as the very last present at Christmas.  I literally cried when I opened them because I was just so surprised.  They are so gorgeous, you can wear them with everything, the leather is literally like butter, and they will last forever.  As you can see, I am totally in love!

What is your Favorite inspirational  Quote?  “Everything happens for a reason.”  I am such a huge believer in this and have seen it play out so many times in my life.  While it might not always make sense at the time, everything truly does happen for a reason.



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