The Master of All trades, and my heart.

Every Tuesday I have the pleasure of featuring someone special and inspiring to me. It’s been a super fun journey getting to know new people and letting you guys get to know the awesome people in my life! Today I am taking advantage and featuring someone who I consider the MOST inspiring to me, for so many reasons. 

Meet Greg, MY BFF, my better half, my one true love, my husband. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the best Hub. I’m totally taking this opportunity to be mushy and show how much I love him. I don’t think as spouses we do that enough. Or at least I don’t sometimes! I take life for granted and just forget how grateful I truly am.

He is really the jack of all trades. I sometimes am jealous because he can really do it all. And he’s good at it all. NOT FAIR right?:) I could literally not accomplish most of the things I’ve done or attempted with out his help, support, knowledge, and talent. He’s my graphic designer, he’s my handy man, He’s my sugar daddy LOL. I mean he is though. He loves my fam, and he loves them so well. Oh, and when it comes to music. He is SO SMART and GOOD. He’s so talented. He’s the brains behind all of our songs. He’d sing and write music all day long if  our pocket book allowed it.(stay tuned for new music coming really soon!)  And let’s just be real for a minute. He puts up with me. I’m not bossy, I’m a leader is my motto. But i’ll admit, I can be intense. I know, hard to believe!

He can figure anything out, and then he’s good at it. Oh, you want me to install this (insert anything here)? Ok! I can do that, he says. All of this to say- I’m featuring him today because he is amazing. I’m so thankful for him in my life. Some of you might be reading this thinking, I wish I had someone. Don’t get discouraged. I prayed and prayed, and boom. I met Greg. God can open those doors for your special someone. Don’t lose hope. If you haven’t found them yet, it’s because they are still getting ready to be just right for you, and vice versa!


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