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Life is full of wonderful people if you just give your self the chance to find them! That’s one reason I love living in Nashville. I’ve met so many incredible people who are all so different and talented in many different ways. It really is such an amazing city! Speaking of incredible people, let’s talk about my friend Nathalie. She really is queen of the flowers. She creates magic when she touches them! I got to see her in action recently at the NashGals Boho dinner. She made the most beautiful arrangements , oh ya and a magnificent floral wall! She is ONE TALENTED woman! OH, and beautiful, smart, and best of all – just a sweet and genuine human being. I am so grateful I’ve gotten to know her, and now you all get to meet this beauty too! Meet Nathalie!


Hi! I’m Nathalie! I’m a wedding industry marketer and podcaster based in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a believer in the power of flowers, inspiring others one connection at a time and sharing the “why” behind the creative process. It all began in college when I discovered the art of marketing. Quickly, I declared it as my major and would later noticed how that impacted my life. We all have a creative gene – yes, that includes you! My love of flowers came in the most unexpected way and five years later I’ve found floral design to be my creative outlet! 

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What’s your favorite song right now?

Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys & I like it – Cardi B

What’s your favorite style to wear?

Glam with a side of cute! 

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PHOTO: Daniel Christopher Photography 

What’s your guilty pleasure snack-go-to?

Ice cream! Not really a snack but I treat it as one! Oops! 

What’s your MUST-HAVE beauty item that you can’t live with out?

Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath – Literally cannot live without it! 

Who’s the most influential person in your life and why?

My parents! They are bold, strong and have shaped me into the person I am today! 

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

 Change the way people view flowers! I want to shift the perspective on everyday florals and transform them into living art that we can enjoy in our homes more regularly. Through bringing educational workshops and hands-on experience to the Nashville area, I hope to bring about this change. 

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PHOTO: Ashley Dawn

If you could give someone some great life advice, what would it be? 

Get to know yourself before you let anyone in! Take a few years and get to know what you love, what makes you sad, what provokes you and what makes you YOU!

What’s your fave inspirational quote?

“Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought man ascends to divine perfection” – The Greatest Miracle of the World by Og Mandino 

Where is one place you’d love to travel to? 

Back to the Italy! Specifically the Amalfi Coast!

What drives you and gives you passion in your profession?

My desire to see myself grow in every aspect of my life! Consistently working hard allows me to see how much I grow. 

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PHOTO: Leah Harrington

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