Meet the woman behind the pretzel.


DSC00488Today is a super special day! It’s not only Cinco De Mayo, it’s not only Tuesday, but it’s my sister’s birthday! She is a very special person, and if you know her, you should consider yourself lucky!Growing up we had a really good life! We moved around a lot b/c our dad is a pastor, and we usually didn’t have a lot of time to settle in and make friends. But we were always there for each other. I was and have always been very protective of my siblings, especially my sis. In junior high and high school I was her body guard. In high school we arranged it so our lunches were at the same time, and she sat with my friends and I. If you  messed with her, you messed with me. (and our uncle who I told everyone was the president. I lied a lot)


Another reason I was so protective of my sis is because she has a disability. I would not say that defines her, she is amazing and has overcome so much. But growing up was a struggle, like it is for us all. My sister has Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a high functioning form of Autism. It effects people in different ways. My sister is amazing, and tries not to let that define her. But no one can understand what it’s like to have a disability unless you have one. We didn’t quite understand that growing up- and I still feel bad for that sometimes. Life was different back then, we didn’t have YouTube, or cell phones, or just the general understanding that being different was OK.

But my sis is AMAZING. She is an overcomer, and I desire and aspire to be more like her in so many ways. She and my parents have started a Non-profit called Theresa’s Twist. They are working on getting a food truck that will serve yummy hot pretzels. The coolest part is the people (including my sis) that will work it, will have Asperger’s. They want to empower and employ people with this disability and teach them life skills so they can be more employable for the work world. I think this is awesome.

DSC00421 DSC00441 DSC00458_1

She just was in a competition in her college and out of 60 people that entered their small business, she placed 3rd! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? Pretty cool. Her and my parents set up this booth for her whole college. She will soon be launching a kick starter for their food truck. But until then they are doing private events. You can also keep up with her on her site, and Instagram.  

Never forget that people have feelings, and dreams. We all are just trying to live this thing we call life, even others that are “different”. So think before you judge, and talk, and use derogatory terms. It hurts, and it matters what we say. We can speak life into others and give them hope.  Follow along with my sister’s adventures !!





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