Mimosa Bar with Torani

Tis the season for brunches and lots of showers! And in my opinion, you can’t have a brunch with out MIMOSA’S! So I thought what better way to celebrate brunch than with a Mimosa Bar using my most favorite syrup, Torani! We can just call it #AToraniBrunch ! It’s like Brunch with a Splash of Flavor!

torani syrups and mimosa fruit on top of a countertop

I have used Torani many many times, and for many years. Some of you might not know this, but in my former life my family and I started a coffee house in Ohio! We only used Torani syrups to make all of our coffees and yummy lattes! Maybe when I come into a bunch of money, we will open one here in Nashville!

Something else that makes me love Torani even more, besides the incredible flavor, is that they  offer unique flavors that are simple, easy to use and versatile! Torani’s original line is made with real, simple ingredients like pure cane sugar & natural flavors. Torani offers the largest variety of sugar free flavors that are simple, and easy to use and sweetened with Splenda! I love flavorful drinks with out all the calories! PLUS, THEY ARE GIVING YOU A DISCOUNT! WOOOO! Use my code PLL15 for 15% OFF your order! SAY WHAT??? OH, AND Free Shipping on orders up to $300. Offer Expires April 30. Which is pretty awesome considering Free Shipping is only offered to customers who purchase over $59! 

So let’s talk about brunch, better yet let’s talk about MIMOSA BARS! This is one of my favorite go to’s whenever I host a brunch. It’s easy and so much fun. I usually just use boring old juice, but this time I wanted to spruce it up by adding some of the yummy Torani flavors! Nothing pairs more perfectly with Spring than brunch. Whether you’re entertaining a small or large brunch group, Torani’s versatility ensures you and your guests will be celebrating a blissful Spring with an array of flavor choices! ( I seriously LOVE them all!)

There a MILLION recipes you could try using these delicious syrups! For this mimosa bar for my brunch, I’m letting my guests choose from Torani Sugar Free Pineapple Syrup, Torani Mojito Syrup Mint, Torani Strawberry Syrup, and Torani Sugar Free Peach! These are some of my faves for sure. For this post I’m highlighting and making a Strawberry Pineapple Mimosa! (watch my show to see how I get the whole mimosa bar ready from start to finish! You don’t want to miss this episode , it’s a fun one!) Plus, they just release the Torani Sugar Free Pineapple Syrup, so I’m stoked about this!

raspberries and fruit on top of a countertop a blonde girl cutting up strawberries a hand scooping out strawberries into a bowl


1 Pump Torani Sugar Free Pineapple Sryup(more if you love it sweet!)

1 Pump Torani Strawberry Sryup

1 spoonful of chopped strawberries

1 spoonful of diced pineapples

Fill 1/3 of your champagne flute with OJ, then top the rest with BUBBLY! (Champagne/Presecco/Sparkling Wine)


I hope you loved this idea! It’s such a fun + easy idea for any Brunch! Better yet, make it #AToraniBrunch ! Be sure to jump on that discount offer and get you some Sryups! Don’t forget to use my Code PLL15 for 15% OFF your order! SAY WHAT??? OH, AND Free Shipping on orders up to $300. Offer Expires April 30. (This discount Can not be combined with any other offers. )

*All opinions are my own, This #ad is sponsored by Torani! Follow Torani on Facebook or Instagram for more recipe inspiration! This Recipe is intended for ages 21 + ! 



a champagne flute with a mimosa in it and a pitcher of orange juice




  1. Lindey Moore says:

    This is awesome!! Thank you for such great ideas!! I have been looking for a new way to set up my mimosa bar when I host!

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