Modern Day Moguls-Meet Michelle!


I stumbled upon one of the cutest Instagram’s about 6 months ago and then realized we lived in the same city! I loved following along with her for inspiration for home decor, DIY design on a budget, and she has the cutest kids! I love empowering women, and she is definitely one of those!!! She’s got her own business and is one #bosslady if I’ve ever met one! I’m so thrilled to be featuring her on the blog and I want you all to know her too! Meet Michelle!

Tell us about yourself!

Hey! My name is Michelle and I live in Nashville, TN with my hubs and our two daughters. I am a corporate executive who came home to be a SAHM and quickly realized it wasn’t for me but I loved the perks of being with my kids all day. So I created my own dream job. I own my own skincare business as well as social media marketing company where I have the pleasure of working with amazing brands and businesses to create social media campaigns.  Basically I play on Instagram all day and redecorate my house.




What’s your fave song right now? To be completely honest, Im not a music person. I listen to the soundtrack of trolls all day so when its just me in the car or working out I prefer the silence.  

What’s your favorite style to wear?My signature color is black (yes i know its not a color) I wear it regardless of the season or temperature. I wear it for its slimming capabilities and its ease of doing one load of laundry as to prevent colors from running. So color isn’t my thing, but texture is. I love layering textures to create a look. Booties are warn daily along with fringe somewhere usually on my shoes. I feel it adds pep to my step. Im causal more than Im dressed up and I love vintage tees. 

What’s your guilty pleasure snack-go-to?Does champagne count as a snack? What if I make it into bubbly gummy bears. Yes, they exist and yes they are fabulous. Tacos are also up there on my list along with sushi. If I could eat tacos and sushi everyday I would be a happy girl.

What’s your MUST-HAVE beauty item you can’t live with out? My Rodan+Fields Lash Boost. I wear light makeup and typically just throw on mascara and gloss. Now that my eye lashes are in my eyebrows even with a light coat of mascara i feel fab.

Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?  My parents. They are so different but combine their strengths and they are the person I want to become when I grow up. My mother has the most amazing heart I know. She is the most caring person and will do anything for anyone. I strive daily to be the mother that she is to me. My father grew up with nothing and taught me what hard work looked like. He just recently ended his career as a CEO of a billion dollar company and jumped directly into his newest venture of blogging. 

What’s the 1 thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet? Oh my goodness, I wish there was only one thing on my list of to be accomplished. Instead my list is so long and gets added to literally every day. So prob the next thing I want to accomplish would be work with one of the brands on my top ten list. I pitch brands weekly that would be my dream partners to work with and one day we WILL work together! 

What’s your fave inspirational quote? I have to remind my self daily so i don’t get caught up in a game of comparing that “it doesn’t matter how many people do what you do. No one can do it like you.” We are all individuals and as long as you are being authentic and true to yourself no one can be that. 




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