What music is inspiring us this week?


We write and work on new songs every week. And a lot of times a specific artist will really inspire us for a new song idea or help an old idea get new life. We are finishing up a new EP, so inspiration is key.  So who’s inspiring us this week???

Abbey’s Weekly Pick: 

#1-TORI KELLY– can I get an amen????

She is just amazing. Her vocal ability is so crispy as I like to call it. She is on point, and challenges me to be a better singer. I am obsessed with her. (in a non stalker way) Let’s not forget her HAIR. She has a killer message too. I just respect her in so many ways, and think more artists need to take the higher road like she does. She’s just great. Check her out if you haven’t already!


#2-Demi Lavato. I really like her new stuff. I love the hooks, and I have always thought she is a great singer. Her new album comes out in October, so i’m really looking forward to that. I am stoked to see both of these artists coming up at the I heart Music Radio Festival in VEGAS! We are going to that in September and I’m really excited to hear both of these artists, as well as a ton of other ones.


Greg’s Weekly Pick:

The Weeknd

Not only is his voice so clear and just unique, his melodies and hooks are just down right inspiring. They challenge me to try new things, and think outside of the box! Check him out! We are working on a ton of new songs, and will be putting out a new EP before the holidays, so stay tuned for new music! You’ll get to hear just how these musicians are inspiring us!


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