Playing tourist for a day

A few days back I had some fab friends come in to town for a few hours. They wanted to go to the famous “murals” in 12th Ave. South. So… we did!


It was fun to blend in with all of the other out of town visitors. Sometimes it’s good to just take some time to see how cool your city or town really is. I think we forget to do that sometimes. We get so busy and wrapped up into our lives that we forget to let loose and play tourist.

I of course took them to one of my faves, Barista Parlor. My friend Andy owns the hip coffee shop, now he has 3 of them spread all over Nashville. I am so inspired by him for following his dream. His story is pretty cool, but that’s for another post:) P.S. if you go, you must try the Whiskey Caramel Latte. It’s YUMMO.

Then we popped over to 12th Ave. South to see those famous murals. It was a nice day outside, so of course it was busy. But that was part of the fun! We went into Draper James, but sadly no sign of Reese anywhere around. But we had a blast photographing each other on her cool baby blue and white striped wall.

Then directly across from that fun wall is the famous “I believe in Nashville” mural. It was actually just defaced by some hoodrats, (does anyone even say that anymore?) But Nashville is so cool, and so strong, it was fixed in a jiff, and now it’s back and better than ever!! If you make a trip to my cool city, there are lots of fun murals, but make sure to pay a visit to the 12 south area. There’s a ton to do, see, and of course eat!


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