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I love fashion, that’s no secret. That’s how I first got into the Blogging world. I get a ton, if not all of my inspiration from other people and their fashion tips and tricks. I think it’s amazing when we can inspire one another, take that inspiration and make it our own! When I met Lesia, I definitely felt inspired! She’s a wife, and a mama, and a blogger! That’s how we met! I love watching all she does, and I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing! I tell her all the time, she should be a model! I’m thrilled to be featuring her on the blog and I can’t wait for you all to get to know her more! So meet Lesia!


Tell us about yourself!

Hi everyone. My name is Lesia. I’m a wife and a mother, but you probably know me as a fashion addict, since I’m a face behind I’ve always had a passion for fashion and all things beauty. The first style advice that I received was from my sister, who is my mentor. Next step was modeling school and reading lots of fashion magazines. My taste may change, but I always stay true to myself.

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What’s your favorite song right now?

I have been listening on repeat Kyo, Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me and Ed Sheeran Shape of you, so I guess it’s both.

What’s your favorite style to wear?

I like to dress up, so I would say Classic/Lady Boss style. I have tons of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe, but since I’ve become a mom I more often find myself reaching out for a casual looks.


What’s your guilty pleasure snack-go-to?

Ah, anyone who knows me know that I have a sweet tooth. I’m not to picky: chocolate, cakes, pastries, ice cream, cupcakes have equal space in my heart. However I have a huge crush on macaron lately, even tried on making them once. My husband said they tasted good, but it wasn’t the same.

What’s your MUST-HAVE beauty item that you can’t live with out?

Mascara, lipstick, eye shadows, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner. But if I have to choose one than definitely BB Cream.

Who’s the most influential person in your life and why?

My mom, she is my everything. She taught me how to love, be kind, and be passionate. Often in my life I’m trying to think what she would do, and I’m never ashamed to go to her for an advice.

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Well it’s a great question. Like anyone else I have a big plans for myself and goals that I would love to reach. I guess my biggest current project is my blog and I would like to make famous.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet? Lace dress and distressed denim.

What’s your fave inspirational quote?

Be careful what you wish for because one day it might happen.



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