Life with PainKillerCam


ME BY SHANNShot by Shannon Adams of Studio77Photography/IG: @studio77photography/ FB: Shannon Adams


I met Cam about 6 or so years ago, which is hard to believe! I knew we’d instantly be friends! He is truly one of the MOST talented people I know. Plus his passion for life, art, HIS DOG, and Gwen Stefani, inspires me! Anyone who loves Gwen as much as me, we are destined to be friends. Continue reading

Holley Maher- The woman behind the shop




Your about to be introduced to a really cool chick. The more I get to know her I think, “are we the same person?” LOL. She’s all kinds of cool, and SUPER creative.(She’s also a killer singer/songwriter)  She just launched an awesome greeting card line and has a lot of other really rad handmade goods. I had so much fun going to her cute studio and seeing her in action! She’s so talented! She just had a big launch party, and we went and I wanted to buy it all! I picked up a few cute cards, and the cutest print of my neighborhood(Germantown). So be sure to go to her site and get yourself some cards! She has so many to choose from!! OK, OK….I won’t make you wait any longer!! Meet Holley!

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Raising Gram part 1,000


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Well, it’s been a little bit since i’ve blogged about my gram and our fun times together. So i thought this was a great time to do so. As most of you know, for the last 9 months i have been helping out with my gram full time in addition to music and blogging. It’s been some of the most challenging, but most rewarding times. She’s come a long way.  Continue reading