Wild & Precious, Meet Blair

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You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them for a long long time? You are convinced you already know them because you get along so well?! Well about 6 months ago I had the privilege of going to a Chippewa Boots Blogger Event and I connected with this amazing gal. Continue reading

New Year-New Me.


This post is about a week late, but Happy New Year! I have actually had a pretty rough start to the New year, I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I’m trying to not let that get me down, or “define” my new Year.  Continue reading

Loving Londyn-Meet Jackie

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About 4 months ago I became a part of a blogger collective group. There are many different blogger babes in this group, which is one reason I love being a part of it. We are all from different walks of life, and different walks of blogging. But it’s super inspiring because we do not let that get in our way of helping each other out, building up each other, and most of all encouraging each other. No one gets anywhere in life with out the help of others!! Continue reading

These boots are made for walkin…in the mountains.


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We just got back from a quick 48hour-ish trip to the mountains, and it was just what we needed. I hesitated on going because we have so much going on right now. But Greg reminded me that the work will always be there, so we packed our bags and went! Continue reading

Eliza, the master shoe artist



Every week I feature someone I find inspiring, and empowering. And most of you know, we need that in people in these crazy times we are going through. More women who challenge us to be the best, and women who go for their dreams! Well, when I met Eliza, I didn’t realize just how amazing she was. I knew I totally loved her style. Continue reading

The most fab of them all, FabGlance



I have been looking forward to today’s post for a LONG TIME. I have been following Melissa for a long time now, and I truly believe my life is better because of it! She’s motivating, empowering, gorgeous, oh, and HALARIOUS. You MUST FOLLOW HER ON SNAPCHAT. I love her snaps. They are the best. Continue reading

Behind the scenes with Chris at City House

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About 4 years ago, we decided to walk to a restaurant a few blocks away from where we live. Everyone we knew was ranting and raving about how amazing the food was, but also mentioned you HAD to have a reservation to get in. So one night on a whim, we decided to walk there and see if we could get in… Continue reading