New Year-New Me.

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This post is about a week late, but Happy New Year! I have actually had a pretty rough start to the New year, I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I’m trying to not let that get me down, or “define” my new Year.  Continue reading

Jeans By the Ocean.

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We just got back from our first ever Family Vacay, and it was awesome! It was my family and Greg’s family…. 12 of us in a house on the beach for 7 days! I’m happy to be home, but sad it’s over. It was such a great time of unplugging, and just relaxing with our families.  Continue reading

Mimosas in the Mountains

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Mimosas in the mountains?? YES PLEASE!

We recently spent the weekend in the gorgeous mountains of Gatlinburg, and boy was it beautiful. We relaxed and really just enjoyed not having an agenda. That isn’t something we do much of these days. You know, nothing? Breakfast on the porch overlooking the hills and trees, the sound of crunching leaves, birds chirping, you get the picture. It was perfect. It was also the perfect spot to enjoy some Mimosas with our favorite cocktail company.  Continue reading


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Looking for a fun way to spruce up your kitchen, or let’s be honest, any room in your home? Add a chalkboard wall! We’ve done a few murals, but this latest floral chalkboard mural is by far my fave to date! One of my Friends and Interior Designer Extroidinaire, Kendall Simmons, Brought us in for one of the homes she had designed the interior for.  Continue reading

Everybody needs grace….and coffee-Meet Hannah!

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I started following this gorgeous lady quite a while ago. I remember thinking right away how pretty she was. Then I started reading her thoughts and posts and realized she was pretty on the inside too! Social media is crazy because it connects us all and really does make it such a small world. She’s not only in nursing school, Continue reading

bibs are back!

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A show of hands please for those of you who grew up wearing overalls, or bibs? (my hand is up) Some  of you are probably too young and thinking, They just came out like this past year right? Well, I love them.  Continue reading