Vintage that Sparkles! Meet Erin!

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Years ago I was attending church and heard the voice of an angel coming from up on the stage. I was blown away by this chick and was mesmerized by her vocals. Year after year I listened to her sing, and always looked forward to it. Then one day I met her and was like, whoa, she’s cool. THEN I found out she has the COOLEST style, and is one bad A** Vintage Shopper. Continue reading

Nashville’s Cutest Boutique Owner- Meet Meredith!


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As a a lot of you know, I live in a part of Nashville called Germantown. Its an old neighborhood 1 mile from downtown, and it has a ton of history, and has definitely boomed the last 10 years. Well one of my favorite boutiques in all of Nashville happens to be right in this cool hood. I instantly clicked with the owner when I met her. Not only did I think she was gorgeous and had great style, but her boutique just felt warm and welcoming, and obviously super cute. Continue reading

Welcome to The Perfect Little Store!

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Photo by Tausha Dickinson |

Most of you know we just opened our studio/store The Perfect Little Store! This is truly a dream come true, and sometimes I have to pinch myself! It’s been a long time dream, and I have to remind myself everyday to be so grateful. Well I had the privilege of my friend Tausha Dickinson coming by and snapping some BTS photos of the shop and of my workspace!!! Continue reading

Red Wine and Blue Cheese


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Most of you probably know I’m in a pop duo with my hubby called The Perfect Couple. We have a ton of fun, and that is what originally brought us to Nashville. (we have new music coming out July so stay tuned!) But did you know we are also event planners together? We make a good team. I boss him around and he’s ok with it. Hahah. Not really. But we do plan a ton of parties and it’s so much fun. This was our latest one, a Memorial Day event. Red wine and Blue Cheese. Continue reading