Wild & Precious, Meet Blair

Featured Posts Tuesday Guest Feature

You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them for a long long time? You are convinced you already know them because you get along so well?! Well about 6 months ago I had the privilege of going to a Chippewa Boots Blogger Event and I connected with this amazing gal. Continue reading

Everybody needs grace….and coffee-Meet Hannah!

Featured Posts Life Tuesday Guest Feature


I started following this gorgeous lady quite a while ago. I remember thinking right away how pretty she was. Then I started reading her thoughts and posts and realized she was pretty on the inside too! Social media is crazy because it connects us all and really does make it such a small world. She’s not only in nursing school, Continue reading

For the Love of Shaylee Simeone.

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When I met this chicky a few years back, I thought one thing right away. I like her hair. I mean she has great hair. It’s pretty and blonde. Pretty much perfect. Oh yah, I of course got to know her and realize she was not only sweet and super nice, but UBER talented. Her voice is like a choir of baby angels singing your favorite disney song while you are enjoying coffee and your favorite donuts. Ok, what i’m trying to say is , SHE’S AMAZING. Continue reading