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Looking for a fun way to spruce up your kitchen, or let’s be honest, any room in your home? Add a chalkboard wall! We’ve done a few murals, but this latest floral chalkboard mural is by far my fave to date! One of my Friends and Interior Designer Extroidinaire, Kendall Simmons, Brought us in for one of the homes she had designed the interior for.  Continue reading

Our fun Popcorn Bar!

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As some of you know, we host all kinds of fun events. I love coming up with fun ideas of what I think sounds trendy and something that people would enjoy coming to. Then I always have that moment like, the day of the event, where I say and think….”will anyone actually like this event??” But then I realize, who cares….haha! Don’t second guess yourself. I’m bad at that. Well, for this last event, we decided…everyone loves popcorn. So let’s have a Popcorn bar! Continue reading

Red Wine and Blue Cheese


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Most of you probably know I’m in a pop duo with my hubby called The Perfect Couple. We have a ton of fun, and that is what originally brought us to Nashville. (we have new music coming out July so stay tuned!) But did you know we are also event planners together? We make a good team. I boss him around and he’s ok with it. Hahah. Not really. But we do plan a ton of parties and it’s so much fun. This was our latest one, a Memorial Day event. Red wine and Blue Cheese. Continue reading