East Austin Succulents


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We get the privilege of going to Austin Tx a few times a year because we have family there! I love going  because there’s a lot of fun things to do and see. Funny enough, it’s a lot like Nashville, which is probably why I like it so much. So when we were there a few weeks ago, I had just the place in mind I wanted to visit for some pretty succulent plants…. East Austin Succulents! Continue reading

Cocktails with Alena @ The Anglers-Miami Trip Part 2

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DSC03586We were in South Beach Miami last week for our anniversary/Birthday trip, and it was so amazing! And if you read my previous post(read here), you know it had a whole lot to do with the boutique hotel we stayed at. They were so gracious to give us a VIP behind the scenes cocktail hour with their Mixologist Alena! Continue reading

Avec Amour, Meet Renée!


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When we first moved to Nashville, we lived next door to some boys. I loved these boys. When Greg traveled they’d keep an eye out for me, and let me ride with them to church:) Well we moved, they moved, and a few of them got married. One of them married this really cool chick named Renee. She’s not only cute, but she travels a ton and shares her experiences with the rest of us! She’s got a really cool blog about her travels so make sure you check it out! Meet Renee.

Hi guys! I’m Renée. I’m newly 29, married to my favorite person ever, and have an orange cat named Steve 🙂 My day job is freelance marketing & production, so I’m basically a professional detail organizer. It’s fun and I’m lucky to do it! My favorite hobby is to travel, and has been for years. As a result, I blog about my travels & any tips I pick up along the way. I studied abroad in London for a semester and moved back after graduation to work for 6 months. That was hands down the best experience of my life, and London will always be my favorite place! These days I get to travel with my husband, Matt, and we are about to leave for New Zealand! I’ve been vegetarian for the past 8 years, LOVE the beach, planned our wedding in 2 months, and have an embarrassing number of coffee cups. That’s just a little about me, thanks so much for this opportunity, Abbey! 🙂
What’s Your Fave Song right now?
It’s so hard to pick a favorite song…. I feel like i’m picking a favorite friend! But right now I’d have to say “Disjointed” by Copeland. I love that band and was so happy they released another album after all these years! I’ve also been listening to a lot of 90’s pop lately (guilty pleasure!)
What’s your favorite style to wear?
If I could wear dresses everyday, I would. I think part of it is growing up in Florida… and it’s just too warm to wear jeans. In my opinion, dresses are year round! Just add tights and a jacket, or a light cardigan and scarf if you need some warmth.
What’s your guilty pleasure snack go-to?
 A cheese board with amazing bread… and a glass of red wine! One of my favorite memories is bringing two huge baguettes, a bottle of wine, and a few different cheeses to a picnic in Versailles (outside of Paris). If I’m going all out, I get bread from Provance Bakery in Hillsboro Village. Delish!
What’s your MUST-HAVE beauty item you can’t live with out?
I’d have to go with mascara. Or… perfume (Michael Kors). I feel naked without those two!
Who’s the most influential person in your life?
I have to pick two groups, one personal and one professional. My girlfriends from college have personally influenced me in such amazing ways. They’ve been so consistent in my life for SO long (10 years or more!), and even though we live in 7 different places (spanning 4 time zones), we still talk almost daily. I love them! And the Kane’s, who I worked for right out of college, influenced me professionally! They taught me everything I know about marketing, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

What’s the 1 thing you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Not sure how I’ll pull this off just yet, but get paid to travel. I’m working on it 😉

What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

This might be so boring, but this black cotton dress from H&M. It literally works for any occasion (from the beach to a wedding) and it’s my favorite thing to pack for a trip!
What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
“Stop Wishing. Start Doing”. I have several quotes I love, but I saw this the other day and it pumped me up! There are so many people holding themselves back from whatever they truly want…. rather than taking the baby steps to get there, they are simply wishing. If there is something you want, I guarantee you can do it. You just have to be willing to put in the work!
Please be sure to go visit Renee on all of her social media outlets! Also comment below on where  you’d love to travel to and why!!!