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As many of you know, we are going on tour this summer! We are doing a house show tour starting in July, and it’s going to be awesome!(despite what i thought when we picked it up- my mind has since changed!)


we added a new addition to to our family to use for our tour! It’s an OLD vintage “canned ham”. It sure is a canned ham. The guy we bought it from was so sweet ,and had it decked out in camo- but we’ve already started pimping it out for sure. I can’t wait to post all the after pix! it is a week or so away from being complete, but has already made such a transformation with just some sweat and paint! We are excited to travel with our pups across the country and play in peeps homes! Our goal is not to make money:) it’s to travel and gain real fans! So is that you!? i hope so!!! If you are interested in hosting a show, email us at ! we’d love to come to your city!!! Stay posted for more dates! Here’s a few as of now:

July 12 TBA

July 26- Ohio-TBA

Aug 7-Austin Tx

Aug 16 Dayton Oh

Aug 17 Detroit MI

Aug 23 Charlotte NC

Aug 24 Raleigh NC


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