Theresa’s Twists, Pretzels with a GIANT purpose!

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The pretzel makers!

Have you ever had a pretzel that has a purpose of changing lives? Well that’s exactly what Theresa’s Twists is all about. And even better, they are all my family! I’m so excited to be featuring them and sharing their dream and mission with you! I normally feature someone different every Tuesday, and I thought “I have to tell all my friends about my family and the amazing work they are doing to change the lives of young adults with Aspergers. 

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Some of you might know the back story. My sister Theresa was diagnosed with Asperger’s at a young age. It took so many years to actually grasp what that was, and what it meant for our family. It was challenging growing up with a sister who was “different”. But I WOULT NOT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD.  My sister is an amazing person. She’s brilliant, witty, sweet as pie, caring, loving, and well she’s my sister. Don’t get me wrong. There’s times where she thinks I’m crazy, but I admire her so much and look up to her in so many ways. You can read more about her story here. 

I also am so grateful for my parents who have been her advocates from day 1. They want nothing more than us kids to succeed and they’ve always helped us follow our dreams. Let me me tell you how they are using pretzels to change people’s lives.


The whole team! Photo by Annette McNamara

Tell us about yourselves!

Theresa’s Twists is founded on the belief and core value that all persons are of worth and great value. We hope to be able to educate society that persons experiencing Aspergers are wonderful people who can contribute great things to our lives, our communities and world. We hope to educate people about Aspergers and breakdown misunderstanding and stereotypes.

We  want to demonstrate that persons with Aspergers are very dedicated, qualified and employable persons, who can be tremendous assets to organizations, companies and businesses. Our vision is to provide a pro-active environment for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome a safe place of employment; to use the workplace for socialization training; to give employees a place of employment that fosters relationships; to empower employees to become more employable. Our goal is to start with our food truck, and some day a brick and mortar shop.

The challenge with people on the (autism) spectrum is social interaction. People look at persons who struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome and say, ‘Be more social.’ Well, we can’t.” It is one of the most difficult struggles persons with Asperger’s Syndrome face. We can learn to cope and adapt, but for many it will be a life long struggle.

Theresa’s Twists has a dream to give job opportunities to young adults struggling with these social deficits . We hope to offer job training, family support, and the developing of social skills for employees that will help them gain future employment.

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Lots of yummy Christmas Packages

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Their candied pretzels are amazing. AND ADDICTIVE.

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They are doing just that. They are almost done with their food truck, which is nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see it rolling around town with people lined up to snag up some yummy pretzels. They also have a pop up shop3 x a week, and share a shop with me at The Perfect Little Store. So if you come in to shop with me, be sure to grab some pretzels.

I’m so inspired by them. They love people, and life, and want to see people just like my sis thrive in this world. They work hard week after week making the pretzels, and connecting with others! I’m so excited for them to get their food truck out and about! This is kinda a family affair you could say. Greg and I and our brother John, we help when we are able to. And their pretzels are AMAZING. Not only do they have hot soft pretzels,  but they have a whole line of candied pretzels. Once you start with those, it’s hard to stop. They are delicious. They actually have a ton of Christmas pretzel packs available right now in the shop and online. You can order their tasty treats here.

To learn more about their non profit, or if you want to help in any way, you can visit their site and contact them here.  And if you see them out in their truck, be sure to say hi! Or stop by for some pretzels. You will love them!



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