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The perfect little life

It’s finally fall y’all! I don’t know about you but this summer killed me. First world problems really, but it was hot. So now that cooler weather is approaching, that is a gift to us all. What’s the gift you ask? MORE WARDROBE OPTIONS!

the perfect little life

I love layering, I just feel like it gives us so many more options on what to wear. Heck, it’s like an excuse to wear the same thing over and over with just different layers. I’m into that.

Well, as you probably know one of my go to’s is flannels. I love them. Throw on a fun colored flannel over any dress or outfit and it just gives it a special touch! It’s like a piece of jewelry for me! LOL.

I also am getting reacquainted with top knots. Fun and classy. Oh, and no work, easy. That’s what I like! It’s so easy too, even if you have short hair! Tutorial on that soon because I’ve had a lot of requests!

Lastly, Throw on some fun shoes. I am obsessed with my new shoes. They are from TARGET! I saw a fellow blogger gal pal wearing them, and ordered them immediately. Guess she did her job right LOL!?

The Perfect Little Life

I always end my post with some inspiration. So here ya go. BE YOU. We live in a SOCIAL MEDIA OBSESSED time and it’s really getting to me. Don’t get me wrong. I participate. But I’m learning more and more if you don’t have substance behind what you do, IT WILL NOT LAST. Mark my words. IT WILL NOT LAST. Be genuine. Love others, help others. And don’t try to be someone else b/c you think they are cooler. You are cool. You were cool from the moment you were born! OK?

XOXO-Gossip girl, JK abbey


shoes: target // Dress: target // Flannel: Target // Earrings: World Market // Lip Color: MAC Russian Red

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