Torani Cold Brew Antipode

It’s no secret I LOVE cold brew! But I always have to give it a little flavor! So My favorite company Torani has sent me the most delicious flavors to come up with the perfect drink! Torani is a San Francisco-based, 3rd generation family-owned company founded in 1925. They inspire folks to connect with family and friends by sharing their flavor discoveries.

Torani Drink

With the rise of Cold Brew Coffee, Torani is at the forefront of providing a burst of flavor to brighten up anyone’s favorite cold brew! You can find tons more recipes and buy their yummy flavors at !

Watch my new episode now and learn how to make this drink for your next gathering!☕️


Here’s how I made my cold Brew!

You just add water to coffee, stir, cover it inside of a mason jar or anything that seals up tight, and leave it out on the counter overnight! I always leave it a full 24 hours. Then you strain the grounds through a sieve, and you’re done! (You can also  use a coffee filter to pick up silt) They also sell some pretty awesome cold brew systems at Target or on Amazon, here’s one I also use a lot-if you want to go the really easy route! #Toranicoldbrew

Torani has so many flavor options, you could make a different drink every day of the month if you really wanted to! For this fall /holiday drink I picked Bourbon Caramel. This is FULL of flavor, it would be really tasty in some hot cocoa too!( that recipe will be coming soon!)

Torani offers unique flavors that are simple,easy to use and versatile–just add a splash to your Cold Brew & take it to the next level! Torani’s regular line is made with real, simple ingredients like pure cane sugar & natural flavors!

Torani’s sugar free line is made with natural flavors & sweetened with sucralose – so all of the flavor with none of the guilt!

Torani Drink Torani Drink

For those of you Bourbon lovers, this drink is for you! It’s my take on an Antipode! An antipode is when you pour bourbon over a coffee ice cube. This drink takes you on a journey as you enjoy it! As the coffee ice cube melts, the drink takes different every sip of the way! The Bourbon Caramel Syrup just takes it to the next level! (P.S. YOU MUST BE 21+ TO ENJOY THIS ADULT BEVERAGE! If you are under 21 years old, just add cold brew coffee instead!)

Watch the episode above for directions on how to make this yummy drink! But here’s the recipe as well! Now you can be your very own “at home barista”!


Bourbon Caramel Cold Brew Antipode

1 Cold brew Ice Cube

1/2 tbsp Bourbon Caramel Torani Syrup

2 oz. Your Fave Bourbon

Garnish with Orange Peel


(This drink is intended for ages 21+, and all opinions are my own.)#torani #toranicoldbrew

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