TRUE FOOD KITCHEN | Austin Summer Food Tour

We’ve been on one heck of a summer food tour all over the U.S. One of my favorite restaurants is True Food Kitchen. They are scattered all over, and Nashville is about to get one, and I CAN NOT WAIT! So when the one in Austin asked us to come in and experience their food, I could not get there fast enough!

Watch as we take a food tour through their delicious and healthy menu! Something I just love about this restaurant is their motto is “Eating healthy is a way of life.”  When it comes to sourcing the best ingredients for our dishes, they don’t cut corners. They believe that food is meant to be grown and nurtured. They  use organic produce and sustainably raised beef and fish whenever possible. Even their wine selection features sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic options.   (and you know I love and appreciate that~) They truly want you to be on a journey to healthy living. 

The Austin location was not only gorgeous, but everyone there was so lovely, warm and welcoming. OH, and SO KNOWLEDGABLE! They know so much about the food, what’s in it, where it’s from. You name it, they know. Most of the herbs and veggies are grown right there. HOW COOL.

We had the best time, it was a true EXPERIENCE from beginning to end. Check out our whole show from our time there now!!!



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